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Intro to plein air in San Miguel de Allende per request

At Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende plein air demonstration 1 hour Plein air painting is a fantastic way for any artist to improve their painting skills. It challenges the painter to learn how to simplify the overwhelming environment, adjust composition, make and implement fast decisions. A true plein air painting is done in 1-2.5 hours. You'll learn how to adjust to the weather, constantly changing light and surroundings. You allow 1/2 hour to choose the spot and set up. And another 30 min to pack your materials. At this moment we offer Intro to Plein Air  workshops for beginners and intermediate painters Media Acrylics Oil Watercolor For intermediate 1 to 5 days workshops, all medias For beginner - 1 day acrylics - 3 days acrylics - 5 days workshops, all medias Contact us with your travel schedule and we will do ur best to accommodate you according to our availability. Instructor: Mexican painter Fernando Gonzalez The workshop could be o