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Learn how to develop a painting from your urban sketches

Join us in one of the scheduled workshops Art Adventure offered every second week of each month in San Miguel de Allende by Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops, or bring your own group  of 4+ and we will customize an Urban Sketching workshop just for your group. Learn the difference between drawing and sketching, learn how to sketch like a pro (not cartoonist style) implement composition in a simple sketch, catch the flavor of the place, practice observation through the eye of an artist. Instructor: Cristiana Marinescu, trained and practiced architectural design, psychology and art. Bringing it all together she make it easy for the beginner to gain confidence and enjoy the practice. The experienced artist can learn new way of "looking" and applying the sketch in painting. Along the way we'll take photos "foot notes" for the feature painting. Contact us via the contact form, and see you soon in San Miguel! Cristiana Callejon Blanco in San Miguel,

Summer 2017 painting workshops in San Miguel de Allende

Ready for the Summer?  Traveling alone or with a group, painting workshops in San Miguel de Allende is the best Mexican Vacation to delight yourself in the Heart of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende! No matter your level of experience with painting our experienced instructors will help you take your first step or next step!  Who may enjoy a painting week at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops: - First time travelers to Mexico - First time in San Miguel solo traveler - Women traveling solo - Small groups of friends traveling  together - Couples - Families with adult / or teen children - Teachers - Recently retired looking for a fun hobby Cristi Fer Art Workshops offers a variety of workshop topics. Some workshops include drawing, travel sketching and into to plein air, others are focused only on studio painting. You can choose from one week to one month workshops. You can bring your own group or join one of our already scheduled workshops. Do you prefer a workshop tha

Visit San Miguel de Allende

 We are always looking for new, interesting place to visit and take photos with our groups. Yesterday we visited San Miguel Train Station and the Saturday market at the station. There are several old constructions by the train station, great photo and painting subjects. Enjoy our photos! Contact us for a visit to San Miguel de Allende, 6 to 21 nights.