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Live online workshop: Understand the mystery of color values in paintings the easy way

2 days live workshop online With artist Fernando Gonzalez Do want to improve your painting but don’t know where to start? Are your paintings flat lacking depth? Do you want to add dimension to your art? Do you have difficulties understanding the qualities of color VALUE in art? Time: 10 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific Time Schedule: August 18 and 19 September 15 and 16 October 20 and 21 November 17 and 18 December 15 and 16 As you attend classes, online workshops and so on, you probably hear the teacher commenting on the color values of the painting. For many artists this is mystifying and confusing even thaw they struggle to understand it. You are not alone! In these 2 days live online workshop artist Fernando Gonzalez with show you how to unravel the mystery with a hand on exercise of painting a simple subject in black, white and gays. You will use acrylic paints, brushes and pallet knife. A list of materials will be Email to you along with the photo reference after you regis