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How to sketch expressive flowers and a touch of color

 Sketching from life immerses us in the beauty of nature. Hear in Ajijic we are surrounded by flowers and sunshine all year around. This is a quirk sketch I did using some flowers I picked up during my morning walk. I will offer a class on Skill Share on how to sketch and add a touch of color. Also this will be one of our subject for the on going watercolor class and acrylics I'll be offering here in my studio in Ajijic. In person with all the precautions in place. More info? Contact me at cristiferart@

New 3 Days Intro to Watercolor class in Ajijic

Learn to paint from accomplished artists. Learn the right way the first time. You'll safe money and time and have more fun creating! Intro to Watercolor a class for beginners offered in Ajijic by Cristi Fer Art Studio  I discovered that many love to start to paint in watercolor but do not know where to start . There are so many options, and new materials are inundating the market. Even thaw they are wonderful and fun, a beginner starts experimenting with tools such as watercolor pencils or crayons,  before they learn to do a bleed, or wash.  So we decided to offer a beginner class to our neighbors here in Lakeside, Chapala and Ajijic area. We also found out fast that some have some martials for years, kept safe a drawer, while some do not have the paint, paper or brushes. This different scenarios helped us decide to start offering 2 options. Class with martials 1500 pesos or without martials 1200 pesos. The class is 3 consecutive days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 10 AM to 12 P

Sunday take it easy and relax

Our studio, Cristi Fer Art, has a retreat atmosphere, always relaxing, quiet most of the time away from the parades and busyness of Centro. It's only 25 min walk to La Paroquia but it feels so different out here! We have tons of birds changing with the season, humming birds all year around, several types of lizards, a fountain with fish, the happy dog and the new cat. After a constant busy time of painting, teaching, and events, last sunday I just relaxed around the yard. Took some photos as I was playing hide and sick with the sun. Cat watching fish  A little sketch I did in the backyard Sept. 6 2015 Happy dog

Intro to urban sketching, plein air and studio painting in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media

Intro to Urban sketching at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende  If your time permits, you can join us for 3 days to a week of into to - Urban Sketching, - Watercolor for beginners to intermediate -  Plein air watercolor, acrylic or oil beginners to intermediate - Studio acrylic or oil painting beginners, intermediate and advance Contact us with your travel plans and or check our workshop schedule for registration. Contact Cristi at cristifert @ . Note the extra space in the E mail to prevent spam. Cristi of Cristi Fer Art Studio with workshop participant in San Miguel de Allende Intro to watercolor plein air workshop participant work at Cristi Fer Art Studio 2015 in San Miguel de Allende Cristi with small group of in studio painters at Cristi Fer Art Studio 2015  in San Miguel de Allende

New abstract art at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende

Add caption  Mixed media on paper 19.5" x 25.5" Frame not included. Contact us at cristiferar@ to set up an appoitment and visist the studio What we offer: original art photography of San Miguel doors notecards paintings on wood and metal

Intro to Plein Air in San Miguel de Allende 2015

June 22-26 and August 10-14, 2015 It is a special energy and excitement the novice bring to the work! We worked with many just like you, who waited for retirement, to start diving into their artistic potential ! If you have no or little experience painting outdoors with watercolor, this workshop is for you ! We will combine sketching and watercolor basics. Spend a week learning the fundamentals, practicing and building confidence. In San Miguel de Allende we are fortunate to experience mild temperature, sunny most of the time, brilliant light! The classes meet 9 AM -12:30 PM, so you'll have the afternoons available to experience and enjoy our charming Colonial town, also known as the "Heart of Mexico". You'll learn, step by step - the essentials of how to SEE with an artist eye, - the basics of drawing - the magic of watercolor - understand color - and overcame the challenges of painting outside Instructor Mexican painter and muralist Fernan