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Friday per request painting workshops

Dear visitors and locals! Starting in September 2017 Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops Located on Zacateros #4, corner with Umaran offers per Request Workshops for Small Groups 2 to 6 participants Great for small groups who cannot attend one of the regular One Painting in One Day Workshops or who want to learn/ practice other medias and sketching.  Choose your topic ABSTRACT 101 MIXED MEDIA TRAVEL SKETCHING INTRO TO DRAWING ACRYLIC PAINTING (ADVANCED) INTO TO ACRYLICS OIL PAINTING ALL LEVELS (materials not included) DOORS OR WINDOWS OF SMA (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED) ALLA PRIMA ALL LEVELS INTRO TO PLEIN AIR Choose the time: 9:30 AM to 1 PM 3 PM to 6:30 PM Each class cost per person is $95 USD and includes all the materials unless otherwise specified. Contact us with your preferred date and according with availability we would love to accommodate your group! When it comes to learning anything the instructor you choose is key

Looking for a 5 days painting and sketching workshop in Octouber 2017?

View from Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops up on the terace. San Miguel de Allende 2017 Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops is located in San Miguel de Allende, the Heart of Mexico. Are you looking for a painting workshop in Octouber? We have space for you, but hurry and register now. The workshop is named Art Adventure, Oct 23-27, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM Cost $650.00 includes matrials. This is a great workshop for learning how to practice travel sketching in an inspiring and magical Colonial town of San Miguel You will learn the diffrence between drawing and sketching and how to use both, - sketches and - photos to create bright exhuberant patings! We will paint in acrylics on canvas, learn and practice several techniques using brushes and palett knifes. Paint and sketch in the morning and explor this exhuberat Colonal town in the afternoon. We keep our workshops small limited to only 6 participants, since we want to give YOU instruactions at your level of experie

August 2017 workshop participants in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The month it's not over but we are so excited by working with this talentet artsti, could not wait no more to share some of their creations! You too can join us in San Miguel for one day, one week, or several weeks of paiting! Individual classes Small groups All levels of experience Acrylic Oil Painting Drawing/ sketching Abstract/ Mixed Media Realistic Ecpresionist Contact us via our CONTACT FORM with your travel plans!

Updating our Art Adventure in Mexico workshops 2017

Are you looking for a fun travel sketching, photography and painting workshop in the most charming town of Mexico? San Miguel de Allende, Spring 2017 Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops is now including  2 more popular aspects of art and travel! The Art Adventure in Mexico workshop will include, starting May 2017 2 days of travel sketching and photography  We'll start with two days strolling the historical area of San Miguel. Then take your sketches and photos to the studio and transform them into fantastic vignettes of San Miguel de Allende, The Heart of Mexico! No Experience Needed! Intermediate and advance painters are encouraged to register. You will paint at your own level and speed. You can finish one or three paintings, according to your experience and interests. Focus on: Color Composition Detail Aliveness Loosen up The instructors, maestro Fernando Gonzalez and artist Cristiana Marinescu have being teaching since 1989, all levels

Sketchbook Jump-start in Mexico, an art vacation on a shoestring.

Would you like to capture the moment in your sketchbook, during a vacation or an ordinary day? It will enhance your travel experience; give you confidence and inspiration as an artist. As a child did you use to make fast sketches with no concern or self judgment? Just for fun! Have you promised yourself for years, that some day you'll make time for art in your life? Are you a painter who never took an art or drawing classes? Do you wander if drawing/sketching would bring a new dimension to your art? Did you use to draw but got so involved with the technology that the computer offers that you lost touch with the joy of sketching with a pen or pencil? We created this art vacation for you and we made it so affordable  that it's no excuse not to say YES! With experience guidance from me Cristiana and from Fernando Gonzalez, both painters teaching from 1989, learn the art of “seeing” and transport the world around you into a quick sketch. If you are an artist at