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Individual coaching and mentoring for artists online realtime

Are you a creative individual, frustrated because you do not find the motivation to paint or need individual support to grow as an artist?  Do you have a lot of projects started but not finish? Do you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands but somehow finding excuses not to paint? Do you need supportive feedback and suggestions about your art? Do you feel it's the right time to grow as an artist? Do you find challenging, one or more aspects of art? Are you preparing for an opening and need support, guidance and accountability to make it successful ? For the last 30 years we, Cristiana Mar and Fernando Gonzalez have being teaching art in colleges, retreats and workshops in US and Mexico. When we can travel and meet face to face we offer painting workshops in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Available for all levels of art experience. Schedule one month coaching intensive: 2 individual sessions per week, 1 hour each. A total of 8 sessions (8 hours) dedicated solely t