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More recent sketches and watercolor

At our studio Cristi Fer Art in San Miguel de Allende! Ready to get back into sketching and painting? Join us for a day or for a month!

Winter Vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Feb. 2015

Walking about town I took some photos. I want to share with you our "harsh" winter weather. If you're looking for a relaxing art vacation look no farther! Photo by Cristi Fer Art San Miguel de Allende musicians, Feb. 2015 Great sketching topics! We're fortunate to enjoy 75-82 F sunny weather, yes, you need a hat and glasses. The sun is very bright in this part of the world! And it's so much going on every day, lot's to explore and enjoy! A week or a month at Cristi Fer Art Studio will look like this: Paint or sketch in the morning, then have lunch at one of the hundred of restaurants. Shop in the small stores or in the Market where are hundred or options from silver, rugs, metal decor, hats, blouses, and the list goes on. Sunny Feb. 2015 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Photo by Cristi Fer Art Great painting subject! We at Cristi Fer Art Studio offer One Day (One painting in One Day) to One Month long workshops. Prices start at $85.00