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One painting a Day May 1

So one more painting for May 1 2015 Enjoy and share with friends! Paint your own! Mexican door, San Miguel de Allende Acrylic on canvas board, 11" x 14" Detail  Frame not included 

One Painting a Day April 28, 2015

One more San Miguel de Allende door. It's spring and the trees and vines are in bloom! A delight of color! This painting is inspired by the many cobblestone streets, up and down, making the town more interesting ! Interested in buying this painting? Contact me. "Up the hill" Original painting, acrylic on canvas board 11"x14" $90 USD includes shipping to US Detail Frame not included 

One Painting a Day April 27 2015

I have been teaching the One Painting in One Day workshop for over 7 years (I think, may be more). " Spring White Flowers in Mexico" Original painting, Acrylic on canvas board 14" x 11" Price $90 including shipping to US via Mex Post  Detail I enjoy the quick painting process that does not make one feel that they have invested lots of time and materials in a painting. For me every painting is about the moment, the feeling of the day, or of the memory the subject takes me to. Consistency it's one of my challenges. Even Though I paint and teach full time it's so much to do that sometimes it's hard to stay committed to one project. I have so MANY ideas for paintings and new subjects and approaches! In any case I will attempt to add one painting every day! If you are reading this post PLEASE subscribe to receive updates by Email. All the paintings are for sell starting at $75 USD (or more) plus shipping. Or otherwise specified Contact