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Teaching online new to me I am joining Skill Share

Join the class for FREE for 2 week on Skill Share I love teaching and with this crazy pandemic I am exploring other ways to teach such as YouTube and Skill Share.  The benefit to you it's that you don't need to travel to Mexico the beautiful place where I am. But you can take classes from the confort and solitude of your home. Besides this outlets we Fernando and I, Cristi plan to offer Live demos on YouTube and we are giving classes on ZOOM. Well Fernando is.  What can you learn: We are 2 painters with over 30 years of experience so so can teach almost anything. But we want ti stick to what is interesting for us such as sketching, painting architectural topics, watercolor (will be some classes on Skill Share soon) so you may want to FOLLOW us there Of course acrylic and oil painting. I used to use soft pastels for many years and I have fun with oil pastels also. We'll teach sketching skills, abstract, realistic, expressionist and magic realism. So