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Attention self taught and intermediate painters who are ready to take the next step

Cristi Fer Art Studio located in one of the most beautiful Mexican towns, San Miguel de Allende, is offering painting workshops to help you learn the basics and take the next step. We know many people just like yourself, have retired and started painting on their own or took workshops here and there. This is a great start, and you probably got your confidence up and feel good about painting! Now imagine how much farther you can go if you took a week long workshop with experienced painters who are willing to teach you all their secrets?! Are you hoping to find a teacher who will explain in simple terms the secrets of color, composition, perspective? A teacher who will only accept groups up to 6 and will give you all the support you need to take your nest step creatively? Cristiana and Fernando, the founders of Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery are making teaching painters like you their life calling. Enjoy the fantastic ambiance of magical San Miguel de Allende and learn with