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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo,   Mexico May 29, 2011-05-29 May   it allways being my favorite month in Playa del Carmen. The weather is just right! And this year it's being just so. If you love the beach try going early, 7AM. The beach is empty, beautiful for a walk on the beach. The beach stretches along the city. Starting in Playacar , gaited expatriates community with hotels aligned by the shore.   In Paya del Carmen per say it starts at Av. Juarez , by the ferry deck to Cazumel. You can walk all the way to Colosio.  The Royal Hotel     The beach changes as you progress, it's wideness, depth of the water at the shore. This time of the year the birds are almost all back, pelicans, seagirls, fregatas.   It is a special beauty about the beach in the morning. You'll pass several lines of boats. As the morning progresses, you'll see the sanitation department, peaking up trash, sea weed, drifted wood. If you started at Juarez, at 38 St go up the black to Qinta Avenida

Where to find us

Currently Cristi Fer Art is available for viewing and purchasing at the following locations: - Rene Fine Art Gallery, Playa del Carmen, Calle Corazon ( corner of 5 Av and 14 St) open 6-11:30 PM. - Hotel Hacienda Paradiso, Playa del Carmen, 10 Av and 22 St. Lobby open 24 Hours Events: - 16 ARTEN PLAYA, Play del Carmen , Tuesday and Saturday at,   on 16 St between 5 and 10 Av. 6-10 PM - Caminarte, Playa del Carmen, Thursdays, 5 Av and 26 St, 6-10 PM - Domingos   Culturales, Playa del Carmen, 20 Av, between 10 and 8 St. in front of Municipal Palace