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One Painting in One Day new optins at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery in San Miguel de Allende Mexico 2016

Bellow is our new 2016 flyer feel free to share it with friends who may visit San Miguel de Allende this year 2016 Interested in attending a one day painting workshop during your visit to San Miguel de Allende? Contact us ASAP with your travel dates. cristiferart    

One Painting in One Day? How is it possible?

It is possible when the instructors have over 25 years of teaching experience and teach because they LOVE it! Our approach to teaching is based on mentorship principals. We only work with small groups and individuals because we want to be able to give you lots of attention and direction. We have work with individuals at all levels, from novice to painters who show their art in US and Canada galleries. And 99% of the feedback we received was excellent! One painting in 3.5 hours to be exact, sounds too good to be true? Will I paint by numbers? Is it a gimmick? Is this a drink and paint workshop? Do I need to be an experienced painter? The answer to all this questions is NO. What will I learn? Beginners will learn about composition, color and technique. Intermediate will practice value, composition and perspective. Advanced  painters will have the opportunity to  brush  up on technique and consider new slants to their current art. All this principals are

New one day painting classes at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende

One Painting in One Day  Now You have 4 Choices   We’ve got many requests for more class topics so we added some and changed the existing ones, so those of you who attended our One Painting in One Day workshops in the past, can find more new inspiration! Easy and Fun! No Experience Needed! All Materials and RT taxi from your hotel/condo to our studio Included! Monday: Mixed Media Abstract San Miguel, using acrylic paints on paper  19.5" x 24.5", 1 PM – 4:30 PM, $85.00 Tuesday: Expressionistic San Miguel de Allende Doors, using acrylic paints on canvas board or masonite  11" x 14", 9 AM – 12:30 PM, $85.00 Wednesday: Intro Plein Air, (1 to 3 days) 9 AM – 12:30 PM, One Day: using acrylic paints on canvas board or masonite  11" x 14", $85.00, 3 Days ( Tuesday, Wednsday and Thursday) Watercolor $240 USD Thursday:  San Miguel de Allende Street Views. 10 AM – 4 PM, $150.00,  using acrylic paints on paper  19.5" x 24.5

Painting of the day May 28

Painted in my yard. Time 2 hours start to finish 11" x 14" Mexican casita May 27 at Cristi Fer Art Studio 

Sketchbook Jump-start in Mexico, an art vacation on a shoestring.

Would you like to capture the moment in your sketchbook, during a vacation or an ordinary day? It will enhance your travel experience; give you confidence and inspiration as an artist. As a child did you use to make fast sketches with no concern or self judgment? Just for fun! Have you promised yourself for years, that some day you'll make time for art in your life? Are you a painter who never took an art or drawing classes? Do you wander if drawing/sketching would bring a new dimension to your art? Did you use to draw but got so involved with the technology that the computer offers that you lost touch with the joy of sketching with a pen or pencil? We created this art vacation for you and we made it so affordable  that it's no excuse not to say YES! With experience guidance from me Cristiana and from Fernando Gonzalez, both painters teaching from 1989, learn the art of “seeing” and transport the world around you into a quick sketch. If you are an artist at