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The colors of Mexico are always in my heart

Guanajuato perspective, by Cristi Fer Acrylic on canvas gallery rapped 40 cm x 30 cm I love Guanajuato! It is one of my favorite Mexican cities! Every corner offers so much inspiration! I can spend a week painting in one of the small plazas and still have a ton of unexplored subjects! This painting, recently finished, it's one of many ! The painting it is available at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende. Hernandez Macias 34 A Only 2.5 blocks from La Biblioteca.

San Miguel de Allende street view by the market 2016

I find so interesting the variations in the sized of the doors, relationship to the windows, how the top of the doors rarely align. This painting is of a street off the side from Mercado Ramirez in San Miguel de Allende. This painting it's available at Cristi Fer Art Gallery, in San Miguel de Allende Hernandez Macias 34 A, just 3.5 blocks from the main plaza. If you are visiting San Miguel stop by the gallery! You'll find the most original San Miguel inspired art!

Spontaneous painting workshop mixed media abstract in San Miguel de Allende

Starting in October 2015 we at Cristi Fer Art Studio will start offering new workshops . Take a look at the headings above and choose your preferred one. Below are some examples of our recent abstract work

One Painting a Day Abstract Expressionist Originals at Cristi Fer Art gallery in San Miguel de Allende

One more original painting at our studio! Do you enjoy my art? Buy a painting or/ and attend a workshop!  Detail Original art at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende 

Painting of the day June 6, 2015

This is another "revived" painting. Started in Playa del Carmen, represents some of Merida arches. Merida Yucatan is one of my favorite Mexican cities. It has a very special powerful energy! I included acrylic pallet knife work, markers and newspaper cut outs for the columns. "Merida Arches" Mixed media original, 24.5" x 19.5" By Cristi Fer Art