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Some spaces left in October and November 5 Paintings in 5 Days Workshops at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende!

October 10-14, 2016, 9:30 AM to 1 PM November 14-18, 2016, 2:30 PM to 6 PM Cost $650.00 includes all the acrylic painting materials. This two workshops will focus on beginner, intermediate, abstract and self-taught artists. If you always wanted to - start painting, - or want to find a fun, relaxing hobby after retirement, - or you are an abstract artist who want to include some expressionistic representational aspects in your art, - or have taken your paintings as far as you can by trial and error, This workshops are for you! The bonus is that we offer painting workshops in San Miguel de Allende, the Heart of Mexico! San Miguel de Allende it’s a favorite destination for many US, Canadian, Australian and Europeans who are looking for a relaxing vacation or a feature retirement nest. This is a great excuse to leave behind the rain and cold and join us in a fun, sunny, charm filled Colonial Mexican town. Contact us ASAP to find out how to register! Small gr

New abstract art at Cristi Fer Studio and Art Gallery

One more background finished some time ago. I look at the painting and let it talk to me. It lets me know if something else needs to be said or not. Cold wax and acrylics on paper. 19.5" x 25.5" Title: Introspection

Announcing new painting classes at Cristi Fer Art Studio

Update August 26, 2015 As full time painters, we love to experiment with different styles and approaches to the artistic expression. We are working on two new classes/workshops, which will be offered in one day, 3 days and one week workshops format. Cost includes all the materials and RT taxi to the studio Big ART Painting Workshop,   5 Days workshop cost $650.00 3 Days workshop cost $ 400.00 Spontaneous Abstract Art 5 Days workshop cost $550.00 3 Days workshop cost $325.00 1 Day workshop $ 125.00 (Fridays) CLICK on top bar workshop name for workshop details and 5 days schedule. The 3 days workshops are offered per request Cristi Fer Art Studio

One Painting in One Day in San Miguel de Allende July 2015

Some more photos of our workshop participants ! It's not a gimmick! If you plan to visit San Miguel de Allende register for one of our one day painting workshops, a week or a month of painting vacation! You'll paint with acrylic paint, brushes, palette knifes on canvas board or masonite. You'll learn about basic principals of design, color, technique, gain experience and confidence! No experience needed, only your desire to have fun! Contact us with your travel plans! Great activity for family or groups traveling together! "We enjoyed our afternoon with you very much! Our paintings are our favorite  souvenirs from San Miguel. Thanks again" Painting at One Painting in One Day workshop at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende July 2015

Great fun at Cristi Fer Art Studio

Last week we offered a workshop to a fun family! The topic was Abstract doors of San Miguel! If you like to take this workshop, alone, with friends or family, we offer it every Monday 1 PM - 4:30 PM (or a week long) Contact us asap and register cristiferart(at) Cristi Fer Art Studio Family painting at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende  Painting abstract doors of San Miguel at Cristi Fer Art Studio Student work abstract door detail painted at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende 2015