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Doors and Windows of San Miguel and Guanajuato painting demos in the One Painting in One Day workshops at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Doors of restaurant in Guanajuato 2017  San Miguel de Allende Window 2017 During our One Painting in One Day workshop, topics: doors and windows of San Miguel and Guanajuto, we demonstrate step by step the stages, from start to finish of painting your own interpretation of the topic. First step is choosing the topic. Each participant works on a topic of their choice using one of our professional photos as a starting point. Besides learning composition, several painting techniques in acrylics by using palette knifes and brushes, participants learn how to stay thru to the heart of the image, it's feeling and atmosphere. No Experience Needed! Great fun for groups! Contact us with your travel plans and reserve your spot ! Doors of San Miguel, Tuesday   9:30 AM to 1 PM Windows , Thursday 9:30 AM to 1 PM Cost per person $95.00 includes all the materials Max. 6 per class, since less is more (less people can learn more...)

Welcome to Cristi Fer Art gallery in San Miguel de Allende!

We want to give you a pick into our gallery! Cristi Fer Art Located at Zacateros #4, just few doors from Umaran, the gallery's home is a Colonial house 200 years young. The court yard, so customary to most San Miguel businesses give us some extra space to display large art work. The gallery space  is bright and inviting and the art work, even the abstracts, are inspired by San Miguel! We offer a great variety of sizes, paintings on canvas, canvas board and paper.  We also have note cards and photography of the city's doors and characteristic views. If you visit or if you have a San Miguel home don't miss the gallery! We have something for every one!  Our prices are also very competitive, since we are the gallery owners, we have no need to increase prices 70% to 150% as most gallery must do, to cover expanses. Looking forward to meet you! Cristiana Marinescu and Fernando Gonzalez, painters and owners 

Acctiviteis in San Miguel de Allende

Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery is highly recommended on Trip advisor and has a strong presence on the San Miguel art seen. The gallery offers original paintings by Mexican painter Fernando Gonzalez and Rumanian Cristiana Marinescu. The Mexican heritage or Maestro Gonzalez is undeniable in the Mayan inspired mixed media paintings on paper, while Mrs. Marinescu is expressing the Mexican experience through a personal perspective. Just 3 blocks from the main plaza, the gallery and art studio is located on one of the little streets connecting the North and South of San Miguel, Hernandez Macias 34 A. If you spend a weekend or a season, visit the gallery! Apure an original painting directly from the artist or attend a workshop. If the gallery is closed just send an e mail ( )  or call 415-121-2311 for an appointment.

New paintings at Cristi Fer Art Gallery the best kept secret in San Miguel de Allende

"Abstract Moon" original mixed media  at Cristi Fer Art Studio August 2015  New additions in our Cristi Fer Art Galley. Painting for a life time has tough me to experiment. The best results are when we experiment without expectations. Try new things and approaches. Embrace the art materials in a new way, re discover them. Some people call them "weapons" I do not agree or relate. The art materials are precious, to be loved and appreciated. They are friends that don't let me down. This are small paintings 10" x 13" paper. "Abstract 1" mixed media at Cristi Fer original abstract at August 2015