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New paintings in the Tequila Celebration series, view at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops in San Miguel de Allende

Tequila bottles make a great subject for a painter! Even for painters like our self who do not drink, smoke or do drugs. Do we sound boring? Well,  painting what we want, having a large gallery at a great central location in a Heart of Mexico, and the sweetest 2 dogs you can imagine, what more can we ask for? If visiting San Miguel stop by in our gallery Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops Zacateros #4 2 blocks from the main plaza (see map) If doors are close do not hesitate to ring the manual bell! We would love to offer you a private showing of the galley or give information on our painting workshops. Original art by Cristi Fer Acrylic on paper,  25.5" x 19.5"