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Abstract watercolor class view demonstration and attend a class in person in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

 An abstract watercolor painting employs all the basic watercolor techniques but it take a professional artist like Fernando Gonzalez to guide you step by step in creating a successful painting. This class is focus on the intermediate watercolor artist. Are you ready to jump in? The class is offered in person per request. Contact us for more info and schedule. We teach with all the safety requirements in place.  

New 3 Days Intro to Watercolor class in Ajijic

Learn to paint from accomplished artists. Learn the right way the first time. You'll safe money and time and have more fun creating! Intro to Watercolor a class for beginners offered in Ajijic by Cristi Fer Art Studio  I discovered that many love to start to paint in watercolor but do not know where to start . There are so many options, and new materials are inundating the market. Even thaw they are wonderful and fun, a beginner starts experimenting with tools such as watercolor pencils or crayons,  before they learn to do a bleed, or wash.  So we decided to offer a beginner class to our neighbors here in Lakeside, Chapala and Ajijic area. We also found out fast that some have some martials for years, kept safe a drawer, while some do not have the paint, paper or brushes. This different scenarios helped us decide to start offering 2 options. Class with martials 1500 pesos or without martials 1200 pesos. The class is 3 consecutive days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 10 AM to 12 P