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Abstract 101, One Painting in One Day May 28, 2021

Abstract 101, at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops in Chapala, Jalisco Mexico May 28, 10 AM to 2 PM This is a great class for - intermediate, - representational artist, - artists who want to loosen up and - beginners who want to get familiar with different martials. You will learn - the structure behind an apparent chaos, - how to save a "disaster" and - how to use brayers, pallet knifes, brushes - some untraditional tools You will finish 2 to 4 abstracts. Cost $65.00 includes materials. Register early! Space is limited to 4, with safe distance, and face mask! Must Pre register with $10.00 USD payed via Contact us first for availability.

Abstract painting workshop in San Miguel de Allende rated number #1 on TripAdvisor

Searching for a workshop that will unlock the mystery of abstract painting? Is it an abstract just splash and happy accidents? Are you wandering why your abstract are not as attractive as some you admire in the galleries? This workshop will give you the answers. Lear the basics, play and practice! We offer one day (9:30 AM to 1 PM Mondays) Abstract 101 Mixed media workshop, $95.00 and one week Abstract 101, free your creative self workshop The week long workshop is offered monthly with a min. of 2 and max of 6 participants. Cost $950.00 with materials Contact us with your travel plans and register in advance. Regards

Abstract 101 Mixed Media new painting workshop in San Miguel de Allende

By Lauryl, Workshop Participant The joy of painting resides in each of us! All you have to do is let loose and let go of pre-conceived ideas. On the other hand, each abstract painting has an undetectable structure.  You will learn to understand it and have fun applying it. This workshop will enhance your creativity, give you an outlet to relies stress, help experienced painters loosen up, but no experience is needed to give yourself the gift of play and create your very own beautiful art! By Ron, Workshop Participant Discover another side of yourself! We offer step by step instruction, in a small group setting so you can receive individualized coaching. Registered early! Only 9 participants per workshop! Instruactor: Cristiana Marinescu, internationally collected painter and art therapist with 30 years of experience. Cost $950.00 includes all the materials Class time 9:30 AM to 1 PM By Deb, Workshop Participant 2017 Nov 20-24 Dec. 18-22 201

New art abstract expressionist original

Part of our One painting a Day personal challenge, oh yes, at time I can not accomplish it. Enjoy this one Mixed media on paper 19.5" x 13" Interested in buying it? Contact us.

Introducing new abstract expressionist mixed media workshop in San Miguel de Allende

Spontaneous Abstract Painting Workshop, at Cristi Fer Art Studio.   Without effort or premeditation, following your impulses and tendencies, in a natural and unconstructed expression, create abstract mixed media art from small greeting card size to 20” x 25”. Explore non-figurative expression through the act of intuitive painting.  You will learn how to produce on a series of paintings. Beginner and intermediate artists will learn about color composition and emerge into the artistic process.  Advanced painters may explore new forms of expression, let go, reinvigorate and  reinvent  their current art. Materials and RT taxi to studio are included. Max. 6 Schedule: October 5-9, 2015 November 23-27, 2015 December 28-Jan. 1, 2016 January 25-29, 2016 February 22-26, 2016 March 21-25, 2016 Cost $ 550 per week including materials and RT taxi to studio, 9 AM to 12:30 PM

New one day painting classes at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende

One Painting in One Day  Now You have 4 Choices   We’ve got many requests for more class topics so we added some and changed the existing ones, so those of you who attended our One Painting in One Day workshops in the past, can find more new inspiration! Easy and Fun! No Experience Needed! All Materials and RT taxi from your hotel/condo to our studio Included! Monday: Mixed Media Abstract San Miguel, using acrylic paints on paper  19.5" x 24.5", 1 PM – 4:30 PM, $85.00 Tuesday: Expressionistic San Miguel de Allende Doors, using acrylic paints on canvas board or masonite  11" x 14", 9 AM – 12:30 PM, $85.00 Wednesday: Intro Plein Air, (1 to 3 days) 9 AM – 12:30 PM, One Day: using acrylic paints on canvas board or masonite  11" x 14", $85.00, 3 Days ( Tuesday, Wednsday and Thursday) Watercolor $240 USD Thursday:  San Miguel de Allende Street Views. 10 AM – 4 PM, $150.00,  using acrylic paints on paper  19.5" x 24.5