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New painting from the doors of San Miguel series

Blue door in San Miguel, original art by Cristi Fer Acrylic on canvas board 11" x 14" Just finished another painting inspired by the charming San Miguel de Allende. Started as a demo in our One Painting in One Day workshop. Depicts a sunny June day in San Miguel de Allende. Part of the demo was use of acrylics, palette knife, brush techniques.

New painting of a Mexican door

The colors and energy of Mexico is so exuberant and inspiring! In all my paintings I want to express MY personal experience and capture the moment and feeling of how it is to walk in the busy street, the hit, noise, and smells. Nothing is static all is in constant change and evolution. Pink Wall Acrylic on canvas board 11" x 14"

New painting of San Miguel de Allende blue doors 2016

Original acrylic on canvas board by Cristi Fer, available at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende

First Friday in San Miguel de Allened

San Miguel de Allende announces the beginning or a monthly event that could revive the economy and enhance tourism, national and international in SMA. Many cities in North America adopted the tradition of First Friday "art walks", in which the town's art galleries and artists' studios will open their doors into Friday evening. The idea is that galleries will attract people to the downtown and enrich the art community by pooling their openings together into one monthly evening. Who will benefit? All the participating galleries in SMA plus restaurants, coffee shops, stores, street vendors, musicians and performance artists. Among the cities with art-oriented First Friday events are: Albany , Anchorage , Augusta , Bellingham , Binghamton , Burlington , Chicago , Columbus , Denver , Honolulu , Indianapolis , Juneau , Kalamazoo , Kansas City , Knoxville , Lincoln , Louisville , Las Vegas , Minneapolis, Scranton , Oakland , Philadelphia , Phoenix , Pittsburgh , R