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Last week in San Miguel de Allende 5 days of painting experience

What a productive and fun week! The workshop participants, beginners finished 4 paintings! As the group participants experience and interest vary we finish 6 to 4 paintings. We had fun working with one of the participants photo of a very unique door she passed by every day in the way to class.

Group activites for seniors learn a new skill discor a new hobby

Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery offers painting workshops for all level of art experience from none to experienced. Choose what you want to learn! Are you looking for a new hobby after retirement? Do just want to learn something new? Are you an abstract painter wanting to learn to paint representational? Do you want to loosen up in your art? Are you a studio painter how wants to experience plein air? Contact us and schedule a workshop, one day (9:30 AM to 1 PM) Or one week, Mo. to Fri. Contact us at