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Attention group organizers families or friends traveling to Chapala Ajijic Jalisco Mexico 2021

Great opportunity for an artistic activity for groups traveling to Lakeside / Chapala Ajijic.  Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops is founded by 2 professional artists with over 30 years of experience. Easy and Fun! No Experience Needed! All Materials for Acrylic Painting are Included!  Group size 5 to 10 participants! Class hours 10 AM to 2 PM Cost $55.00 per person How to register Contact us via E mail cristiferart@, with your travel dates. BOOK IN ADVANCE!

Attention tour organizers add a San Miguel de Allende art day for your group activities

San Miguel de Allende April 2016 Photo by Cristi Fer Art Attention groups and tour organizers! Are you planning a 2017 tour in San Miguel de Allende? Cristi Fer Art Studio offers specialized workshops for groups, from 1/2 day to 3 days and up. Min. group sizes of 6 can request special dates and times of the workshops. Great one day of art addition to a week tour of San Miguel, with no experience needed. Contact Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery ASAP, with your travel plans. One painting in One Day Workshops at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery all year around in San Miguel de Allende 2016