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New Location in San Miguel de Allende

Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops, Zacateros #4 in San Miguel, Mexico  Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops has a new central location in the historical zone of San Miguel de Allende Zacateros #4, 3 doors down of Umaran Best place to buy original art representational, abstract, mixed media and expressionistic all inspired by Mexico! Commissions welcomed!

Acctiviteis in San Miguel de Allende

Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery is highly recommended on Trip advisor and has a strong presence on the San Miguel art seen. The gallery offers original paintings by Mexican painter Fernando Gonzalez and Rumanian Cristiana Marinescu. The Mexican heritage or Maestro Gonzalez is undeniable in the Mayan inspired mixed media paintings on paper, while Mrs. Marinescu is expressing the Mexican experience through a personal perspective. Just 3 blocks from the main plaza, the gallery and art studio is located on one of the little streets connecting the North and South of San Miguel, Hernandez Macias 34 A. If you spend a weekend or a season, visit the gallery! Apure an original painting directly from the artist or attend a workshop. If the gallery is closed just send an e mail ( )  or call 415-121-2311 for an appointment.

Group activites for seniors learn a new skill discor a new hobby

Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery offers painting workshops for all level of art experience from none to experienced. Choose what you want to learn! Are you looking for a new hobby after retirement? Do just want to learn something new? Are you an abstract painter wanting to learn to paint representational? Do you want to loosen up in your art? Are you a studio painter how wants to experience plein air? Contact us and schedule a workshop, one day (9:30 AM to 1 PM) Or one week, Mo. to Fri. Contact us at