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One Painting in One Day painting started as demo

Variations, original painting by Cristi Fer 11" x 14 " acrylic on canvas board  Detail 

August 2016 painting of doors at Cristi Fer Art Studio

Just completed this 2 paintings. It is amazing how much inspiration one can find just within one or 2 blocks from the studio! New projects are peculating, but so far I still am captivated by the uniqueness of San Miguel de Allende doors. San Miguel Doors, August 2016 By Cristi Fer Detail 

New paintings at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Every morning I walk my dogs, and as I do, I look around and take in my surroundings. Most of the time I discover new exciting subjects. Lately... in the last 10 years I have focused on the architecture of the town I lived in. At times introducing people in the market, mariachi, vendors.  But the morning walk takes my attention to the shadows. We stroll and I take my time.  I think it is essential for an artist of any genre to internalize the world. For me it is a detached enjoyment.  It is like floating in the ocean.  No effort, no directing, no  projecting. Just being with the shapes and shadows, with the light and color.

Painting of the week at San Miguel best kept secret art gallery

San Miguel view, original painting, acrylic on paper, 19.54" x  27. 5" By Cristiana Marinescu Just finished last week, this painting is reflects the color, light and atmosphere of this amazing Colonial Mexican town. If you are an art lover and visit San Miguel de Allende check our Cristi Fer Art Gallery. Off the bitten path, San Miguel is more then Centro! Gallery is open 12 PM to 4 PM daily, but it is a good idea to call or send an E mail and make an appointment!