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Thank You San Miguel de Allende

To all our students and art collectors who made our first month in SMA a successes! We are grateful to all who attended our workshop in August 2012, our first month in the “Heart of Mexico”. Also to all who visited and purchased our art! Your response was beyond our expectations! Sincere Thank you, Crist Fer Art Studio

AM Art Classes in Playa del Carmen

Cristi Fer Art is now offering art classes in our studio! So we can charge just a minimal fee. Some busy mom requested classes in the morning, so here you are! All welcomed! Class will Meet Tuesdays 11AM-1PM Max. 8 participants Sept class will meet   6, 13, 20, 27 of the month. Cost $25 US per session or $60 US per month (4 sessions 2 hours each) Non refundable, and non transferable. Level:   intermediate class, for students with some drawing or painting experience. Pencil, pastel, oil, water color, acrylic aspiring artists welcomed! Instructors will focus on individual need. General topics: drawing, perspective, value, composition. Our studio is in El Ejido, Constytuientes and carretera 307, exact address with registration.

Inspired by Merida

Medida 1, Mix Media on Paper, 19x 24" Merida2, Mix Media on Paper, 19x24" Merida3, Mix Media on Paper, 19x 24"

Inspired by the Ceiba

Nature, Culture, and Big Old Trees: Live Oaks and Ceibas in the Landscapes of Louisiana and Guatemala  Green soirits of Ceiba, Mix Media 19"x24"