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Innovative San Miguel inspired abstracts at Cristi Fer Art Gallery

San Miguel textures by Fernando Gonzalez Mixed media on canvas, 5ft x 3.31ft Inspired by San Miguel de Allende charm and history, painter Fernando Gonzalez is working on a series of large abstracts. The textures of this old Colonial town blended with the feeling of history embedded in the walls moved this Mexican painter to create some unique abstract expressions. The new abstract have being well received by the locals and international collectors and it is practically flying off the walls of the gallery.

One Painting in One Day Fall Schedule at Cristi Fer Gallery and Workshops in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Rated #1 Painting Workshops in SMA by TripAdvisor! Secrets of Color, workshop participant at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops You will learn how to see with an artist eye, composition and design, color, and 3 different bullet proof painting techniques. You will finish your personal  masterpiece ! Our workshops are not a “Hook” or a “Bait and Switch” gimmick! You’ll get what you pay for! We will not cox you into attending and paying for 2 or 3 more session just to be able to finish your painting! How is it possible? We, Fernando Gonzalez and Cristiana Marinescu, are experienced painters and instructors focused on the adult learner. We have not only life long experience but also the art training and practiced teaching in US colleges, and offered successful workshops and retreats in US and Mexico. See our great reviews on TripAdvisor. No Experience Needed!  Easy and Fun! All levels welcomed. Tuesdays, 9:30 AM to 1 PM, Topic: Doors of San Miguel Wednesda