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Abstract watercolor class view demonstration and attend a class in person in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

 An abstract watercolor painting employs all the basic watercolor techniques but it take a professional artist like Fernando Gonzalez to guide you step by step in creating a successful painting. This class is focus on the intermediate watercolor artist. Are you ready to jump in? The class is offered in person per request. Contact us for more info and schedule. We teach with all the safety requirements in place.  

How to sketch expressive flowers and a touch of color

 Sketching from life immerses us in the beauty of nature. Hear in Ajijic we are surrounded by flowers and sunshine all year around. This is a quirk sketch I did using some flowers I picked up during my morning walk. I will offer a class on Skill Share on how to sketch and add a touch of color. Also this will be one of our subject for the on going watercolor class and acrylics I'll be offering here in my studio in Ajijic. In person with all the precautions in place. More info? Contact me at cristiferart@