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Introducing new abstract expressionist mixed media workshop in San Miguel de Allende

Spontaneous Abstract Painting Workshop, at Cristi Fer Art Studio.   Without effort or premeditation, following your impulses and tendencies, in a natural and unconstructed expression, create abstract mixed media art from small greeting card size to 20” x 25”. Explore non-figurative expression through the act of intuitive painting.  You will learn how to produce on a series of paintings. Beginner and intermediate artists will learn about color composition and emerge into the artistic process.  Advanced painters may explore new forms of expression, let go, reinvigorate and  reinvent  their current art. Materials and RT taxi to studio are included. Max. 6 Schedule: October 5-9, 2015 November 23-27, 2015 December 28-Jan. 1, 2016 January 25-29, 2016 February 22-26, 2016 March 21-25, 2016 Cost $ 550 per week including materials and RT taxi to studio, 9 AM to 12:30 PM