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New abstract art workshop in San Miguel de Allende

Are you spending one week, one month, or a season in San Miguel de Allende? Ad one painting day each week to your Mexican Vacation experience! No experience needed! By the end of your trip you’ll increase your creative abilities, have several paintings to take home and brag about!   “Abstract 101” full day workshop. Spend one day, 9AM to 4PM in an artist studio! Wednesdays. Cost $125.00 includes: Includes instructions, materials, lunch and RT taxi from Centro to our studio. Min. 2 Max. 20 Group discounts available for 4 or more attending together. Great group activities! Take the workshops with friend or family. Traveling solo? Our workshops will increase you art appreciation, creativity, enhance your trip excitement and you may practice you Spanish as well if you choose!   Sorry! Not a children workshop. Instructors: Two accomplished painters with paintings sold in Mexico, US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. They have being teaching and leading workshops for over