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Thank you for your participation in our One Painting in One Day Workshops at Cristi Fer Art gallery in San Miguel de Allende 2018

Here are some examples of the some advance painters who participated in the One painting in One Day, Doors of San Miguel workshop, 3.5 hours Next time you visit join us for a day of painting or stop by and buy an original San Miguel painting insider by San Miguel de Allende and Mexico and painted by Cristi Fer and Fernando Gonzalez the painters who founded the gallery and school. Number 1 in San Miguel de Allende.

NEW Abstract 101 One Painting in One Day in San Miguel de Allende

At popular demand, Cristi Fer Art Workshops is bringing back  Abstract 101  One Painting in One Day Get it right the first time!  This workshop is focused on the beginner, intermediate painters who want to understand and apply the principals of composition, design and color,  so their abstract paintings are more then a happy accident!   Advance painters can find new inspiration and refresh many of the the basics. In many cases going back to the basics can bring new life in ones art. You will use mainly acrylic paint to create your paintings but other mixed media techniques will be touched upon.  Y ou will learn and practice using brushes and pallet knifes. You will finish 2 to 4 paintings. Preregistration is required. Groups are kept small, up to 6 so you receive personal instruction and support. Mondays 9:30 to 1:30 Cost $95 includes materials

March 2017 painting in San Miguel workshops participants

Last day of March at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops in San Miguel de Allende! Summer is here in San Miguel! Just wanted to share some of our workshop participants photos! Read their comments on TripAdvisor! And contact us to reserve your spot in one day or one week workshop!

Getting ready for September 15, 16 in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, Sept. 2016 San Miguel de Allende it's charming and inspiring in any weather!  Few days ago strolling the town with a friend I took some photos of San Miguel in a cloudy day. Any season is a great season to visit San Miguel de Allende and our gallery Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery! Take a One Painting in One Day workshop, paint a door of San Miguel or learn about color and paint a still life, or enjoy our original art and photography inspired by Mexico.

Last Summer in San Miguel de Allende painting at Cristi Fer Art Studio

In the last week the weather got much cooler. About 80 degrees F and a bit cool in the morning and evenings. And some torrential rain at night. As I was thinking of how different this May 2016 in comparison with last year and working on the computer, I run across some last summer workshop photos. Here is one of them. I sure had a blast those 2 weeks of sketching and painting! If you are a beginner painter looking to gain confidence and learn new techniques, or an experienced artist looking to jump start their creative flow, consider spending one or 2 week of painting in San Miguel de Allende at our Crsti Fer Art Studio and Gallery. Summer is a great time to visit San Miguel.  Our Summers are not as hot as AZ or NM. The hit is dry so even 80 F don't feel terribly hot. If you are an art teacher or a teacher enjoying Summer break, looking for a relaxing painting holiday, this is the workshop for you! You can choose from attending 5 Paintings in 5 Days Art Adventure or Pai

Attention Group and Tours Organizers! Workshops for Groups in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico

Starting in 2016 Cristi Fer Art Studio offers special workshop programs of one day, 3 days and one week for group of 6 to 14. Centrally located and offering art workshops since 1989, we are experienced instructors and internationally collected painters Fernando Gonzalez and Cristiana Marinescu, founders of Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery.   We have fife long painting experience and art degrees from accredit schools of art in Mexico City and NYC. We offer personalized and expert instruction to all levels of experience including NONE. We invite the tour organizer to contact us for more information and availabilities. Choose from following topics: - Sketch book Jumpstart, 3 to 5 days - Paint a door of San Miguel, 1 to 3 days - Street views, Plein air or studio painting 1 to 5 days - Secrets of Color, still life, 1 to 3 days