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One Painting in One Day painting workshop for all level of painting experience attension returning participants!

Cristi Fer Art Studio, founded by Mexican painter Fernando Gonzalez and artist Cristiana Marinescu, started offering the One Painting in One Day workshops in Riviera Maya, Mexico in 2008. Every year they added new topics and twists to the concept. Experience painters and teachers, they constantly improve and update their workshops, adding new elements for returning students and advance  painters. "Just arrive with an open mind and be willing to make mistakes. If you always wanted to ENJOY painting, NOW is the time!" Maestro Gonzalez is emphasizing to students. If one has taken the Doors of San Miguel workshop, or intro to Plein Air, or any other workshop and consider taking it again, remember, it is more to learn (such as practicing your brush stoke, palette knife, applications of value, composition, perspective, etc.) The instructors will help you improve and evolve each session, even when attending the same workshop two or three times. A new painting will be b