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Painting workshops in San Miguel de Allende all year around at best prices for all levels

Many have asked us how we can keep our workshop prices so low! Yes, one week painting workshop starts at $650.00 including materials, and we only work with small groups no bigger then 12 in the case of Plein air workshops (COST $750.00) The studio workshops are even smaller in size. You notice several tour companies advertising workshops in Mexico and even in San Miguel de Allende for $1500 and up and this cost does not include materials. So how we, successful and experienced painters with over 27 years of teaching experience, can keep our cost so low? We do not have overhead! One of the major reasons it is the fact that we do not use a 3 party organizer YOU need to pay We live in San Miguel de Allende. YOU do not need to pay our transportation, accommodations and food! We do not rent workshop space! You paint in our personal bright and spacious studio. Extra Bonus! We provide all the acrylic paints, brushes, palette knifes, etc. NOTE: Same intermediate and adva

Some painting demonstration in plein air and alla prima classes at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende

Demo at Cristi Fer Art Studio Master painter Fernando Gonzalez class Improve your technique and get a fresh start with oils or acrylic paints. Fellow are some demos and a student exercise. Contact us with your painting goals and travel plans! Work with master painter Fernando Gonzalez and bring a fresh look into your art. Beginner? No problem! Intro to plein air, demo from master painter Fernando Gonzalez workshop

Request a day of oil watercolor acrylic studio or plein air speed learning painting

What is speed learning: learning from highly experienced painter Fernando Gonzalez you will be given the essentials of the skill of painting in your preferred media. You will acquire a kit of tools  building fast a strong foundation. A desire to learn and the ability to follow directions are a must. Detail of mural by Fernando Gonzalez Now Cristi Fer Art Studio offers classes per request- materials and taxi included. 10 AM to 1 PM Cost per person 1 Day, $95 3 Days, $280 5 Days, $450 12 sessions in a month, $1000 Topics: Intro to watercolor Intro to oils Intro to acrylics Intro to watercolor plein air Intro to oil plain air Intro to acrylic plein air Advance techniques in acrylic Advance techniques in oil Class size: 1 to 4 participants Magic Realism painting one on one workshops available per request and availability starting at $1250 per week. FYI: Schedule is full Nov. 2 to 20, 2015