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NEW! Colonial Mexico Expressive Painting in Acrylics Workshop in Chapala Mexico 2021

 Welcome summer 2021! Are you ready to travel with precautions and enjoy Mexico again or for the first time? Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops it’s resuming in person acrylic painting workshops! Join Cristi Fer Art Studio in a intimate NEW acrylic painting workshop of charming Colonial Mexico! The studio it's located only blocks from the shores of Lake Chapala the largest lake in Mexico.  The town of Chapala it's a true Mexican town lively, with street vendor, market, and a beautiful sidewalk along the lake!  Colonial Mexico Expressive Painting in Acrylics, week in Chapala Are you an aspiring artist who loves the energy and colors of Latin America particularly Mexico? Bring your own photo of a street corner or view, or use one of my numerous reference photos. Paint in acrylics on canvas, learn and practice all the steps of creating an expressive unique representation of a Colonial city. No need to load your luggage with art supply! All the materials are included and if you

Doors of Mexico, One Painting in One Day session added April 23, 2021

Visiting the Lakeside of Lake Chapala, Ajijic area? Looking for things to do?  We at Cristi Fer Art Studio added another day for the popular One Painting in One Day Workshop, Doors of Ajijic/Mexico. April 23, 2021 10 AM to 2 PM  The cost is $65.00 USD and is limited to 3 participants. If you are traveling with a group we can accommodate up to 8 since we do not need social distance but we ask participants to wear mask. It is easy and fun! That home a memory of beautiful Mexico, you created yourself! No experience needed. To register contact us to check on space availability and register via PayPal with a none refundable payment of $25.00 USD Send it to Are you interested in booking a different dated for your group? Contact us and we'll respond promtlly cristiferart

Things to do and attractions in Ajijic Chapala Jalisco Mexico April 2021 New Workshop

In April 2021 I will start offering a NEW WORKSHOP at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops in Ajijic  Abstract flowers in mixed media. I recommend you take first my Into to Abstract class or have some experience with paint. This class will be offered one time per month the last SUNDAY of each month. 10 AM to 2 PM The surface we'll be painting on is paper 19.5" x 25.5" Cost 1500 pesos includes all the materials. Please register early! only 4 participants per class with safe distance and mask. If this day does not work for you please contact me in advance and we may be able to accommodate you with a min. of 2 participants.

Things to do in Ajijic Chapala March 2021

Visiting Ajijic Jalisco this Spring 2021? Wandering what are the FUN and SAFE activities not to miss? Well painting an Ajijic door that it's easy and fun, together with your friends, family or by yourself will have you create a charming painting from reference.  Or if you are interested in learning about abstracts this is another option. Those classes are part of One Painting in One Day Workshops offered by Cristi Fer Art Studio in Ajijic. Easy and Fun! No Experience Needed!  We are two accomplished artists with over 30 years of experience. We know the difference between teaching adults and teaching children. We focus on adult education. All the classes are offered with YOUR SAIFTY in mind. Only 3 per class, with safe distancing, and mask. The class it's offered outdoors. We provide all the martials needed. SCHEDUEL Mondays, 10 AM to 2 PM, Doors of Mexico, $1000 pesos for a limited time. Paint from a reference photo, in acrylics on canvas Fridays, 10 AM to 2 PM, Abstract 101, f