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One Painting in One Day new optins at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery in San Miguel de Allende Mexico 2016

Bellow is our new 2016 flyer feel free to share it with friends who may visit San Miguel de Allende this year 2016 Interested in attending a one day painting workshop during your visit to San Miguel de Allende? Contact us ASAP with your travel dates. cristiferart    

New abstract art at Cristi Fer Studio and Art Gallery

One more background finished some time ago. I look at the painting and let it talk to me. It lets me know if something else needs to be said or not. Cold wax and acrylics on paper. 19.5" x 25.5" Title: Introspection

November two workshops special Sketching and 5 Paintings in 5 Days or Art Adventure

2 sessions painting inspired by narrow San Miguel de Allende street. Workshop participant is holding the painting at Cristi Fer Art Studio. Sept. 2015 Hi, to all out there looking for a last minute sketching and painting workshop in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. Due to recent cancellations we have space in the following November workshops Sketchbook Jump-start, Nov. 2 to 6. 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  Cost $350.00 materials NOT included This workshop is an introduction to the basics of urban sketching. It's a fun skill that will enhance any trip anywhere and any ordinary day around your home town. 5 Paintings in 5 Days, Nov. 9 to 13,    9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  Cost $450.00 materials included Great workshop for any beginner to advance painter. Will hep you get a new perspective on creation are, composition, color, speed. Let the art lead the way! Acrylics on canvas board. Art Adventure  Nov. 16 to 20,    9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  Cost $450.00 materials included Try out different media

Painting Classes and Workshops April and May 2015 in San Miguel de Allende

Classes and Workshops April and May 2015 At Cristi Fer Art Studio, San Miguel de Allende April and May One Painting in One Day.   No experience needed! Easy and Fun! Learn about color and composition! Tuesday- Paint a door of San Miguel, acrylic on canvas board Thursday- Paint a street view of San Miguel, focus on a texture creating technique 9 AM to 12:30 PM All materials and RT taxi to our studio included Workshops April 13-17 and 20-24 5 paintings in 5 Days, Mo-Fri, 9 AM -12:30 PM No experience needed! Easy and Fun! Learn about color and composition! Finish 5 paintings. May 18-22 Art Adventure, Mo-Fri, 9 AM -12:30 PM No experience needed! Easy and Fun! Learn about color and composition! Experience different styles and medias, paint in studio and outdoors. Register early since space is limited to 4. Contact us at cristiferart@

Take a pick into our studio Holiday Workshops

This week we painted with a fun small group who created some brilliant work! Most of the participants have no or little experience, or have taken art classes in school but life took them away from drawing and painting! Participant painting San Miguel door  Check our sketching and painting workshops in the TABS above, and find one that is right for you. If the schedule and topics do not fulfill your interest or time contact us for plein air, mixed media, abstract or watercolor intensive workshops or just one day of fun! Join any workshop with your own group of 4 or larger and we'll give you a 10% discount! Student art, acrylic on board 

New paintings at Cristi Fer Art Studio, San Miguel de Allende

Contact us to visit the studio.

Mural and large paintings in San Miguel de Allende

If you want to learn how to paint a large scale realistic painting from the composition stages to finish, contact master painter and muralist, Fernando Gonzalez. Just re located to SMA, he offers one on one private classes. One student per month is accepted. Please submit 5 jpg of your current work, and a short artist statement, including your artistic goals. There is space in October and November 2012.   .

Original Art, how to create a custom large painting

Each panel is 19.5"x25.5" This are some suggestions of how to impliment your creativity in creating a personal large painting with 3 panelas.

And here is our Gift to you 20% off

And here is our Gift to you 20% off entire store! Coupon code CHRISTMAS2011, expires Dec. 25, 2011

Gift ideas, for art lovers

Buy on line our unique art! We ship daily, and even thaw we can not guaranty a Christmas delivery, our art we'll usually reach your home within 4-6 working days in US and Canada.   Or you can buy a jpg, and print it yourself!

Last minute Christmas Shopping

Recently we have added to our on line store several jpgs of our art, Cristi Fer Art. This is a limited edition jpgs. We will only sale 100 of each. This is an idea for late shoppers, It is easy ! Visit our store and look at the jpgs available, choose the ones you want, pay through the store checkout, and within 24 Hr. we will E mail you the JPG. We print it on your home computer and frame it! And here you go! You can print as many as you like! Great idea for gifts for your office staff, for example. Have a great shopping experience! Cristi Fer Art

Students Working

Students working at Cristi Fer Art Studio. We enjoy so much teaching! It is such a great reword to see the resoults in the end of several weeks of hard work!

Now you can buy our art in Giclees! cristiferart All our painting now are availebl in Giclees! if it's not at this website, but you want to buy a giclee of one of our paintings contact me and I will load the image for the giclee

Art classes for visitors!

If you are planning to be in Playa del Carmen in the feature and you want to incorporated few art classes into your trip contact us! You can join one of our on going classes or schedule a private class! We'd love to help you reach your next artistic level, and ad a cultural aspect to your trip!

Artist at Work

Tonight meet the artist at work at the Palapa, next door from the Mayan Bistro, on Calle 22 between 5 and 10 Av. 7-9:30 PM

Just finished!

"2 Palms" Acrylic on canvas" 24"x36" Avalibel, contact us for more info.

Good memories!

CRISTI FER ART, at Pine Top, AZ, Art Fair. Good memories! Remember to check out our Workshops: PAINT IN PARADISE

Workshop: Paint in Playa del Carmen

Paint in Paradise, Playa del Carmen, Mexico PENCIL, ACRYLIC, WATER COLOR, OIL PAINT, PASTEL Maximun 12                                           Beginners, inter mediate, advance This workshop was design with the idea in mind to share our artist experience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We know that may wish they could express themselves through painting, but don't have the courage to start. We tell our self things like: You can't paint, you are not talented , people will laugh, I can only draw stick people. Or: I don’t have the time, I will sometime in the feature, it's to late to start. Well, sounds familiar? Now is the time for you! We want to share with you our knowledge, and teach you the basics, as well as give you a bust with your self confidence as a painter. If you can write you can draw and paint! We designed an affordable workshop. We want to make it possible for as many people as possible to have this experience, this is why we came up with this package. A