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Summer Painting workshops for teachers, painters of all levels and young at heart seekers of inspiration

- He love to share with you some recent work from our latest workshops - Art Adventure/ Urban Sketching and Painting - Abstract, Jump start to creativity  - 5 paintings in 5 Days Join Maestro Fernando Gonzalez and artist Cristiana Marinescu, in the historical Heart of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende contact us today to schedule and reserve your spot in one of our Summer painting workshops. Art Adventure workshop To see all your option check  Art Adventure workshop

Painting of the day June 21 2015

I have being working on this painting for the last 3 -4 days. Many times I work on several paintings in the same time. To keep the color bright, I pint wet on dry technique. In the latest paintings i added accents of collage, cutouts from our local paper. Cristi Fer Art original mixed media on paper 19.5" x 25.5"