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New paintings of San Miguel Doors

I just finished this paintings of San Miguel doors. As we moved and lived in different parts of Mexico I noticed that it takes me 6 to 9 months to assimilate the light and shadow, the feeling, the architectural details San Miguel 2014 acrylic on paper by Cristiana Marinescu   In San Miguel 2014, acrylic on paper by Cristiana Marinescu the overall experience of the place. Each Colonial city has it's own particular details of doors, colors, the light is different. Since what I paint is my personal reality, observation and just soaking in the internal experience of the moment is essential. I invite you to spend a week at the studio and explore your own experience with art! Contact me at cristiferart(at)

Winter Painting Vacation in San Miguel de Allende 2014

This spectacular 2014 Winter weather in San Miguel is truly inspirational for any artist! Take a brake from the cold ! We are enjoying temperatures in the 80's, with cool sunny mornings. This time of the year is especially pleasant! Bring your shorts, sun glasses and at! Be a "Painter for a Week" in my studio and attend my "5 paintings in 5 Days" workshops. I supply all the materials: paper, acrylics, watercolor, oil pastels, pencils, charcoal. We'll paint in my studio and outdoors! We'll cover some theory (just a bit) and experience different medias. Have a true experience of being a painter in San Miguel de Allende! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! IT IS EASY AND FUN! I work with small groups so you get a lot of personal attention and direction. We Fernando Gonzalez, Mexican painter and muralist and I, Cristiana Marinescu, Romanian artist and Art Therapist  teach as a team. So you'll get directions from 3 experienced painters and teach