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Intro to Plein Air in San Miguel de Allende 2015

June 22-26 and August 10-14, 2015 It is a special energy and excitement the novice bring to the work! We worked with many just like you, who waited for retirement, to start diving into their artistic potential ! If you have no or little experience painting outdoors with watercolor, this workshop is for you ! We will combine sketching and watercolor basics. Spend a week learning the fundamentals, practicing and building confidence. In San Miguel de Allende we are fortunate to experience mild temperature, sunny most of the time, brilliant light! The classes meet 9 AM -12:30 PM, so you'll have the afternoons available to experience and enjoy our charming Colonial town, also known as the "Heart of Mexico". You'll learn, step by step - the essentials of how to SEE with an artist eye, - the basics of drawing - the magic of watercolor - understand color - and overcame the challenges of painting outside Instructor Mexican painter and muralist Fernan