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Sketching and painting vacation in San Miguel de Allende Summer 2015

One Month treat ! Perfect for teachers looking for a relaxing vacation! We still have space in our Summer Art Special in San Miguel de Allende. 4 weeks you can dedicate to the artist within! Beginners to advance are all welcomed to develop and enhance drawing and painting skills or to focus on getting inspired, define personal style, retreat into a fantastic source or creative inspiration that is San Miguel de Allende. Week one sketching Week two Plein air Week tree Painting from reference Week four personal expression Each week can also be personalized according to your skills and interests. Most materials are provided ( acrylics, brushes, palette knives, paper canvas board) Must bring sketchbook, sharpies, pencils, watercolor. OPTIONAL but recommended: sunhat, sunglasses, camera/I pad. If your focus is on watercolor please also bring a watercolor cold press pad. Interested in oil painting, please bring oils, brushes, palette knive