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New painting of a San Miguel street, mixed media, painting of the day

I started this painting several years ago. It is easier for me to stay with a painting (or few)  for few days in a row.  I work on 2-3 painting in the same time moving back and forth between them. I prefer to work on them until they're finished. But at time things get in he way and I do not finish all of them. So getting back to this painting I added some collage that looks appropriate to me today. "Stroll a San Miguel Street" Original by Cristi Fer Art, 25.5" x 19.5" Mixed Media on paper  Detail

May 4 One Painting a Day

After a busy weekend, here is the painting of today. It's being painted in 3 sessions, first backround, then composition and finally the last layers of color. San Miguel Mexico, door with typical decor hanging on the light fixtures. An old bicycle writing by the door. Original painting acrylic on paper, 19.5" x 25.5" Detail  Frame not included 

New abstract art at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende

Add caption  Mixed media on paper 19.5" x 25.5" Frame not included. Contact us at cristiferar@ to set up an appoitment and visist the studio What we offer: original art photography of San Miguel doors notecards paintings on wood and metal