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Oil and cold wax my current artistic adventure

As many of you who know my work, I love to experiment and change and after a while return to old topic and approach them in a new way. This oil and cold wax painting it's a reflection of deep, far away memories of Long Island, NY. I place a cherish and the memories of the ocean shore in the winter. If you visit San Miguel de Allende stop by in my gallery Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops to see the original or other painting in this stile. We are centrally located on the historical zone see map for details. Cheers Cristi

Whimsical art by Canadian painter

Painter Mary Lou Warne at Cristi Fer Art gallery in San Miguel de Allende We are proud to introduce Canadian artist  Mary Lou Warne. First time showing her unique abstracts in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico. Her mixed media dreamy art is an enchantment and a great addition to our expressionist, abstract and realist paintings at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops in San Miguel de Allende. If you are in town stop by and take this opportunity to admire and collect her work.

Cristi Fer Art Gallery new paintings August 2016

 Painting I just finished today, inspired by beautiful San Miguel de Allende and on my list to paint! At time I return several times to the same view every time I see it I notice something new or I want to emphasize something different, say the plants, or the building in the foreground, or the street out in the distance. But there are so many other new perspective that I want to explore, some more challenging then others. Some painters have a hard time deciding when to STOP. For me it is the opposite! As an expressionist painter I see the world in constant movement and changing in front of my eyes. As I am about half way into a painting I am already excited by the 3 to 5 other subjects percolating in the back of my mind. Capturing the ESSENCE of what I see and experience through my entire body represents expressing it with the LEAST amount of strokes.

Latest review from painting workshop participant

"We signed up for the five-day acrylic class, which run in the mornings M-F. Each day, Cristi had a different concept/technique to teach us. Starting from abstract warm ups and use of tools, then progressing to shading, perspective, and negative spaces. Both Cristi and Fernando are accomplished artists, each quite different in style, and it was a privilege to be guided through the creation of works by them. We created three final paintings, plus the warm ups. Classes are in studio, and they work with each individual in what one is interested in creating and one's ability. You work fast and furious, and in flash the week was gone. I'm thrilled with the result and have even more respect for artists and their knowledge. Never again will I say, "I can do that!" when I see an abstract, I can now really appreciate works not just for beauty, but the act of creation." July 2016, Melbourne, Australia

New Painting at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende

I have many new projects! And I can not wait to get going on them! Staring a new series, for me always involves focus, detachment and commitment to paint every morning. Following I will post one new paintings from the old Doors of San Miguel de Allende series. Acrylic on canvas board 11" x 14" Currently I accept commissions I can paint a painting of your door in San Miguel or a version of this painting in 24" x 36" canvas size.