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Announcing new painting classes at Cristi Fer Art Studio

Update August 26, 2015 As full time painters, we love to experiment with different styles and approaches to the artistic expression. We are working on two new classes/workshops, which will be offered in one day, 3 days and one week workshops format. Cost includes all the materials and RT taxi to the studio Big ART Painting Workshop,   5 Days workshop cost $650.00 3 Days workshop cost $ 400.00 Spontaneous Abstract Art 5 Days workshop cost $550.00 3 Days workshop cost $325.00 1 Day workshop $ 125.00 (Fridays) CLICK on top bar workshop name for workshop details and 5 days schedule. The 3 days workshops are offered per request Cristi Fer Art Studio

Last call for Frida fans! Workshop in San Miguel de Allende

Zacateros, San Miguel de Allende, by Cristi Fer, Acrylic on canvas Are you a Frida Kahlo fan? Do you want to explore and discover your inner Frida? We still have space in our August 18-24 workshop. So if you are now in Mexico and consider adding one more unforgettable experience to your trip, contact us ASAP. Special call to Guanajuato, Jalisco, Riviera Maya visitors!

Join us in San Miguel for a fantastic photography tour!

Are you looking for a cooler place to spend a week or two in Mexico? Visit us in San Miguel de Allende! We still have space in our July and August workshops! Frida Style Self Portrait workshop in July 14-20 And the Photography tout in Aug. check it out! San Miguel has fantastic weather in the summer and with us, you'll discover best hidden spots to take memorable photos! Contact me ASAP. Our groups have a max. of 4 Learn the basics and take photos like a professional photographer! You will receive individual attention and direction! Beginners encouraged to participate! Add caption