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Getting ready for September 15, 16 in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, Sept. 2016 San Miguel de Allende it's charming and inspiring in any weather!  Few days ago strolling the town with a friend I took some photos of San Miguel in a cloudy day. Any season is a great season to visit San Miguel de Allende and our gallery Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery! Take a One Painting in One Day workshop, paint a door of San Miguel or learn about color and paint a still life, or enjoy our original art and photography inspired by Mexico.

View of San Miguel de Allende painting at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende 2016

San Miguel de Allende view 2016 by Cristi Fer Acrylic on canvas gallery rapped 40 cm x 30 cm This is my favorite view of San Miguel de Allende! I have painted several versions of it! This one it's the latest! Every time it is different and exudes a different mood. This painting it's available at Cristi Fer Art Gallery in San Miguel de Allende. The gallery it located on Hernandez Macias 34 A just across Insurgentes walking away from the main plaza.

Getting settled in our new location

Alla Prima class in progress  It is almost a month since we moved to the new location, Hernandez Macias 34 A. Still sort of settled in but offering workshops almost daily and painting in between unpacking. When the unpacking is finish we will have 2 studios upstairs, and of course the gallery downstairs.