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Cristi Fer Art Gallery new paintings August 2016

 Painting I just finished today, inspired by beautiful San Miguel de Allende and on my list to paint! At time I return several times to the same view every time I see it I notice something new or I want to emphasize something different, say the plants, or the building in the foreground, or the street out in the distance. But there are so many other new perspective that I want to explore, some more challenging then others. Some painters have a hard time deciding when to STOP. For me it is the opposite! As an expressionist painter I see the world in constant movement and changing in front of my eyes. As I am about half way into a painting I am already excited by the 3 to 5 other subjects percolating in the back of my mind. Capturing the ESSENCE of what I see and experience through my entire body represents expressing it with the LEAST amount of strokes.

Panting in San Miguel de Allende

Some more photos of our last week workshop participants in our new Cristi Fer Art Studio and Gallery. One day to one week workshops are available all year around from experience painters and teachers.

Painting and Sketching in San Miguel de Allende Mexico