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One painting a Day April 30, 2015

Continuing to post a painting a day. This painting of a typical Mexican door with saguaros is inspired by one of my neighbors door. The saguaros are just popping out of the asphalt! They are so beautiful, they don't look real. Frame not included  "Purple Mexican Door  " Original painting acrylic on canvas board 11" x 14" Cost $90 includes shipping to US via mex Post  Detail 

One Painting a Day April 27 2015

I have been teaching the One Painting in One Day workshop for over 7 years (I think, may be more). " Spring White Flowers in Mexico" Original painting, Acrylic on canvas board 14" x 11" Price $90 including shipping to US via Mex Post  Detail I enjoy the quick painting process that does not make one feel that they have invested lots of time and materials in a painting. For me every painting is about the moment, the feeling of the day, or of the memory the subject takes me to. Consistency it's one of my challenges. Even Though I paint and teach full time it's so much to do that sometimes it's hard to stay committed to one project. I have so MANY ideas for paintings and new subjects and approaches! In any case I will attempt to add one painting every day! If you are reading this post PLEASE subscribe to receive updates by Email. All the paintings are for sell starting at $75 USD (or more) plus shipping. Or otherwise specified Contact