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Last call for May 24, One Painting in One Day, Doors of Mexico

Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshop is offering a Doors of Mexico acrylic painting workshop, in Chapala Jalisco  The class it's almost full! One spot left!  May 24, 10 AM to 2 PM Acrylic painting, on canvas. No Experience Needed! Easy and Fun! Cost for this class is $65.00 USD Pre registration is required!  Contact us to register and check if the one spot it's still available! Send us an E mail to cristiferart@

Last call for the May 3 and 10 2021 at Cristi Fer Art Studio in Ajijic

Join us at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops for a fun 4 hours painting workshop. No experience needed! Easy and Fun! All Martials Included. The studio is moving to Chapala so if you are currently in Ajijic and our location here is more convenient for you do not miss one of this 2 classes.  For groups we can accommodate according with availability another day during next week.  Contact us ASAP to reserve your space. Class cost 1200 pesos  

Things to do in Ajijic Chapala Mexico April 2021 Painting Workshops at Cristi Fer Art Studio

Visiting Ajijic Chapala Jalisco in April 2021? Wandering what do do? What activities not to miss? What it's safe to do during this uncertain times? Do you love art and have fun dabbling? Well! Cristi Fer Art Studio, 2 renounced painters with over 30 years of experience in teaching adultos, are offering short classes, some One Painting in One Day, some 3 days sessions. At an incredible price of almos 50% off of the regular cost! Lets bit the pandemic by having fun! Bring your friend and let's paint!  Classes are offered at their studio, outdoors, with safe distance and mask! Class schedule April 2021- All material are included.  No Experience Needed! Pre registration required. Space is limited.  Mondays, 10 AM - 2 PM, Doors of Mexico, Easy and Fun! Paint a door of Mexico from a reference photo! No Experience needed! Cost 1000 pesos per person. Only 3 per class or groups up to 9 traveling together who do not require safe distance.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 AM to 12 PM, I