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Incredible painting vacation in San Miguel de Allende Summer 2016

San Miguel de Allende is a fountain of creative inspiration! Known as the Heart of Mexico, it is a mixture of incredible weather, brilliant light, restaurants, galleries, incredible architecture, street vendors, markets and parades, all year around! Solo traveler and first time in Mexico perfect destination! If you are a beginner, intermediate or advance painter looking to rejuvenate your creativeness, learn the basics, or new forms of expression or enhance your current skills consider attending one to four weeks of painting in San Miguel de Allende. Work with two experience painters and instructors, paint in studio, outdoors, focus on technique or free the expressionist in you. April 2016 at Cristi Fer Art Studio Workshop Choose one of the following workshops: - Art Adventure in Mexico, a blend of studio and plein air painting - 5 Painting in 5 Days, immerse yourself in painting the incredible San Miguel streets and details, in studio - Intro to Plein Air, grea