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May 4 One Painting a Day

After a busy weekend, here is the painting of today. It's being painted in 3 sessions, first backround, then composition and finally the last layers of color. San Miguel Mexico, door with typical decor hanging on the light fixtures. An old bicycle writing by the door. Original painting acrylic on paper, 19.5" x 25.5" Detail  Frame not included 

Color, paint, fun, sunshine at Cristi Fer Art Studio, January 2015

Just a peek at what some workshop participants were creating at Crsti Fer Art Studio, last week. Notice the sunshine and beautiful weather of San Miguel de Allende in January 2015. Join us for a day, a week or a month of painting!

Road Map to Your Feature, one day workshop in SMA

New Self Discovery one day workshop in SMA! " Road Map to Your Feature" Do you want help dealing with change, increased focus, better health?   Incorporating collage, therapeutic art, journal writing, introspection you will create a personal map to help you accomplish your goals! Don’t miss this fun one day workshop in San Miguel de Allende! August 2012 Special! The workshop is offered every Monday in August.