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Painting at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende 2014

Here is some work in process  as participants engage in plain air painting and studio painting. Some of the participants have no experience, some have tried watercolor or mixed media on their own or in workshops here and there, others are experienced painter, some are teachers art them-self. We are happy to say we have something to offer to everybody! Contact us and let us know how much time you want to dedicate to painting during your time in San Miguel. Tell us what is your level of experience? Novice A little experience/ beginner Several workshops, paint on regular bases,  but no ability to draw / intermediate Artist, art teacher/ Advance Workshop participant at Cristi Fer Art Studio Painting outdoors at Cristi Fer Art Studio San Miguel de Allende Student work, Cristi Fer Art Studio, San Miguel de Allende Painting Workshop What would like to accomplish? Paint a painting in one day, with no experience needed, enjoy 3 or 5 days of painting? Or perhaps y

New Painting / Mixed Media Class in San Miguel de Allende

3 Painting in 3 Day , Topics: San Miguel Street Views or Abstract 101 Cost $200.00 USD per person, 4 hrs., includes materials and RT Taxi to studio. This class is designed for beginners to advance. Beginners can  practice on easy technique in creating 3 different views of San Miguel , or exploring and creating representational abstracts. Intermediate to advance participants can choose from realistic painting to outdoors painting or enhancing their drawing skills. Register early! Space is limited! Contact us at cristiferart(at)

New Age of Mural for novice, in Mexico

New mural painting workshop at Cristi Fer Art Studio in San Miguel de Allende. 8 days of mural painting experimenting and 12 days vacation in San Miguel de Allende. No experience? No problem! You can do it! Either you want to experience the magic of mural or large scale painting, this workshop is for you! BIG surface, large images, bright color, big strokes of paint, expansive horizons! Learn the basics from planning to execution, use of color and composition! Be experimental and gain confidence! Topics and execution from traditional to contemporary. Take home a 4 Ft. x 8 ft. mural on canvas. Work with Mexican Muralist Fernando Gonzalez on your own mural on canvas.  Cost includes theory, hands on and materials. Maximum 6. Cost: 1200 USD  May 18-29 9 AM-1 PM painting Mo-Fri and following week Mo., Tu. Wed You'll have time to enjoy and explore San Miguel!