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Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops

The gallery was founded by two internationally recognized and collected painters, Cristiana Mar and Fernando Gonzalez. Their art is unique and innovative. Both painters have being painting and teaching for over 30 years.
Cristiana Mar emerged from a family of Rumanian architects. Her first degree and love architectural design, reflects in her paintings of Mexican towns. Later she graduated from School of Visual Arts in NYC. But drawing and painting were always an easy way of expression through powerful use of shapes, color and composition.
Fernando Gonzalez learn to paint in his father’s studio and later Hi got an Art Degree at (ENAP) San Carlos Academy in Mexico City. His sophisticated and commanding use of technique supporting concept, make his art an asset to many homes and businesses. Enchanted by realistic representation, blended with his experimental approach to painting, lead Mr. Gonzalez from magic realism to abstract mixed media. Both painters showed and sold their art in galleries from New York City to Seattle, and from Mexico
City to Playa del Carmen and San Miguel de Allende. Recently relocated to Puerto Vallarta their small gallery is packed with a variety of paintings and styles since the creative flow moves them to constantly experiment and not repeat themselves.


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