Kids and teens

Many have asked us if we offer classes for kids and teens.
All our workshops are designed for adults who want to paint and can follow instructions.
Occasionally we have offered classes to kids as youth as young as 8.
Classes must be requested and scheduled in advance.
Classes can be scheduled Mon- Fri, 9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM- 4 PM

Most of the time all participants have fun, learn some new skills and finish a painting.
We did face some challenges so as a result we thought it may be helpful to clarify what we DO and DO NOT offer.

When minors attend, they MUST be accompanied by an adult who also participates in the workshop. It is our policy not to accept parents or grandparents who only want to "hang out" and watch. We found that this is disruptive to the class.

What Cristi Fer art classes are:
Art classes, well structured and enjoyed by kids and youth who like to paint, and have a genuine interest in art and learning.
Our classes are CLASSES where the youth will be given direction and expected to have the ability to follow simple steps.
The adults accompanying the youth or group of youth must have authority and the ability stop inappropriate or disruptive behavior or language.

What Cristi Fer Art classes are NOT 
We are not a day care where parents may leave their kids or teens for several hours.
We do not imply or state that we will motivate uninterested  kids or teens in participating.
We do not rent studio space where the youth may paint without instructions.
We do not accept kids or teens with behavior challenges.
The accompanying guardian is fully responsible to STOP any inappropriate behavior or language RIGHT AWAY. If they are unable to manage the situation they will be asked to leave asap.

To make this class and workshop pleasant and enjoyable for all participants and instructors,  please make sure your children want to learn, follow directions, and love to paint. Only register and pay if they have a genuine interest in painting and learning.

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