Abstract 101, One Painting in One Day May 28, 2021

Abstract 101, at
Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops in
Chapala, Jalisco Mexico

May 28, 10 AM to 2 PM This is a great class for - intermediate, - representational artist, - artists who want to loosen up and - beginners who want to get familiar with different martials.

You will learn
- the structure behind an apparent chaos,
- how to save a "disaster" and
- how to use brayers, pallet knifes, brushes - some untraditional tools You will finish 2 to 4 abstracts. Cost $65.00 includes materials. Register early! Space is limited to 4, with safe distance, and face mask!
Must Pre register with $10.00 USD payed via PayPal.me/CristiFer/10.00USD Contact us first for availability.


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